14th SBOL Workshop Report

The 14th SBOL Workshop took place in Boston, March 14-16, 2016.  Some of the key developments from the workshop:

  • Now that there are four SBOL libraries (Java, JS, C++, Python), we need to ensure unity between their behaviors.  The library developers extracted tests to build a shared suite of regression tests, which is close but not yet done.
  • SBOL Validator is up and running, and can be used for online validation and for compliance testing; Nona may be able to help with long-term hosting / maintenance of that and other community resources.
  • Software compliance model sketched out, and compliance matrix being updated for all software known to claim to be SBOL compliant.
  • Workflow examples being worked out for ISMB tutorial, and will be captured on the website as well.
  • Website updated, also the FAQ is being worked on: we discovered that it was in an embarrassing half-state and turned all of the “Question? Good question!” bits into a big HTML comment for the moment; hopefully those who were working on it will be able to finish that soon.
  • Lots of minor spec improvements, which should shortly bring us to SBOL 2.0.1 (minor clarifications and fixes) and SBOL 2.1 (incorporating SEP 004 and a EDAM encodings for the recommended ontologies.  We should be getting pull requests for SBOL 2.0.1 material soon: as soon as that’s all in, we can release 2.0.1.  SEP 004 is just waiting for final sign-off to be put up for community vote.  Spec issues in GitHub have been clarified, and many assigned for action.
  • Lots of progress on SBOL Visual 2.0, and lots of space for more hands to help.  The draft document will likely be solid and ready for review by summer; certainly by the end of the COMBINE meeting in September.  Anyone interested in it can start engaging now via the Overleaf link shared on sbol-dev.
  • Sid Cox showed a sketch of a protein description extension for SBOL Visual, inviting those interested to join him in development.


Group Photo

SBOL Boston 2016