ACS Synthetic Biology officially adopts SBOL

ACS Synthetic Biology has become the first scientific journal to officially adopt standards for how genetic constructs should be depicted and how the designs of engineered organisms should be recorded and shared.

ACS Synthetic Biology has chosen to adopt the two current Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) standards. The journal’s author guidelines are being adjusted to state that genetic constructs should be depicted using SBOL Visual and that SBOL 2 is the preferred format for nucleic acid sequences. Additionally, ACS Synthetic Biology now supports linking of a manuscript to SBOL-enabled repositories as part of the manuscript submission, review, and production process, and JBEI has set up an initial repository to be integrated.

Read all about it in the ACS Synthetic Biology viewpoint article: Improving Synthetic Biology Communication: Recommended Practices for Visual Depiction and Digital Submission of Genetic Designs, or listen to the interview with Jake Beal and Nathan Hillson.