Data Model Specifications

SBOL Data Model Specifications

2.x.x Release

Library Implementation
Introduces new classes for representing combinatorial genetic designs, physical implementations of genetic designs, and attachments to external files. It also adds best practices for using existing classes to encode provenance for the Design-Build-Test-Learn cycle.
A backwards-compatible release extending the data model and updating ontology terms and best practices.
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An updated version of SBOL 2.0 data model to refine validation rules.
An extension of version 1.1 data model to allow flexibility and extendibility of the following: Represent non-DNA structural components of a biological design; Describe the behavioral aspects of a biological design; Associate structure and function to a design; Support rich annotation of biological designs.
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1.x.x Release

Define the vocabulary that contain a set of preferred terms and the core data model composed of a common computational representation, to enable the electronic exchange of information describing DNA components used in synthetic biology.
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