The SBOL Developers community meets approximately every 6 months. The discussion at these workshops is often convivial, collegiate, and interesting. In May 2014 the SBOL Developers group elected to co-locate future SBOL workshops with similar workshops hosted by the “Computational Modeling in Biology” Network (COMBINE). This creates an atmosphere where synthetic biologists and systems biologists can work toward a common goal of integrating biological knowledge through inter-operable and non-overlapping data standards. Our “COMBINE”d efforts empower exciting innovations like modeling whole cells.

We welcome participants from industry to these discussions, as the SBOL standard exists to support commercial as well as scientific innovation in synthetic biology and biotechnology.

Introductory SBOL Workshop

2016-08-15 University of Newcastle
SBOL 15 and COMBINE 2016 in Newcastle, 19-23 September 2016

2016-09-19 University of Newcastle
SBOL 14: Workshop in Boston 2016-3-14 Raytheon BBN Technologies
SBOL 13 and COMBINE 2015 in Salt Lake City

2015-10-12 University of Utah
SBOL 12 and HARMONY 2015 at the Leucorea in Wittenberg, Germany 2015-04-20 The Leucorea
SBOL 11: Workshop at COMBINE 2014 2014-08-18 University of Southern California
SBOL 10: Workshop at UC Berkeley 2014-01-07 University of California, Berkeley
SBOL 9: Workshop at Newcastle, 24-26 April 2013 2013-04-2 Newcastle University
SBOL 8: Workshop Boston, November 7-8, 2012, Boston University 2012-11-07 Boston University
SBOL 7: Meetup San Francisco, CA, 2012 2012-06-0 Marriott Courtyard San Francisco Downtown
SBOL 6: Workshop Seattle, WA, 2012 2012-01-05 University of Washington
SBOL 5: Workshop San Diego, CA 2011 2011-06-08 The Omni Hotel
SBOL 4: Workshop Blacksburg, VA 2011 2011-01-07 The Inn at Virginia Tech
SBOL 3: SynBioDEX Group Meeting Anaheim, CA 2010 2010-06-13 Hilton Anaheim
SBOL 2: Synthetic Biology Data Exchange Group Meeting Stanford, CA 2009 2009-07-26 Stanford University
SBOL 1: Standards and Specifications in Synthetic Biology Workshop Seattle, WA 2008 2008-04-26 University of Washington



Current support for the development of the SBOL standard is provided by the NSF through Collaborative awards #1355909 and #1356401 and EPSRC grant #EP/J02175X/1. Other sponsorship, support, or endorsements have been provided by the following federal agencies, federal research centers, commercial enterprises, and academic institutions. Please be aware that this list may not be complete, since the number of SBOL supporters is growing rapidly. If your institution supports SBOL, and it is not listed here, please email the SBOL editors.




Turing Ate My Hamster LTD

BU Crossdisciplinary Integration of Design Automation Research (CIDAR)

Imperial College Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation (CSynBI)

Newcastle University Center for Synthetic Biology