IWBDA 2015

Location: University of Washington in WA, USA
Date: August 19th – 21st, 2015
Complete IWBDA Agenda: http://www.iwbdaconf.org/2015/program/IWBDA_2015_Proceedings.pdf


An international workshop on Bio-Design Automation.

SBOL Agenda:

Thursday, August 20th

    Introduction to SBOL Chris Myers
  [09:00AM – 09:20AM PDT]   The Synthetic Biology Open Language 2.0 Bryan Bartley
  [09:20AM – 09:40AM PDT]   A Converter from the Systems Biology Markup Language to the Synthetic Biology Open Language

Tramy Nguyen
  [09:40AM – 10:00AM PDT]   SBOL Stack: The One-stop-shop for Storing and Publishing Synthetic Biology Designs

Curtis Madsen

Friday, August 21st

  [04:00PM – 04:20PM PDT]   SynBad: An SVP Design Framework

Owen Gilfellon