SBOL 2.1.0 Released

SBOL version 2.1 has now been officially released. This is a backwards-compatible release extending the data model and updating ontology terms and best practices. In addition to minor textual updates and corrections, the key changes are:

  • “role” is added to Component and SequenceAnnotation, “roleIntegration” allows a Component role to override a ComponentDefinition role in context. SequenceAnnotation roles are used for marking features that should not have their own ComponentDefinition (e.g., restriction sites, imported GenBank features)
  • SBO terms added to fill out recommended Interaction and Participation tables
  • Best practices for representing topology (e.g., circular vs. linear DNA) using SequenceOntology types
  • Best practices for tracking provenance
  • Best practices for dealing with RDF compliance issues on by alternative use of equivalent compliant URIs
  • Differences from v2.0 are marked by colored text and change-bars.

The official release is also available on GitHub and the SBOL website, and is available from the BioBricks Foundation as BBF RFC 112.