Weekly Update

May 23rd, 2018

SBOL Workshop @ SEED 2018:

Scottsdale, AZ on Jun. 3rd – 7th

SEED is approaching and we are excited to see everyone who have registered for the SBOL workshop on June 7th. Up to date, we have over 100 attendees registered for the workshop. It isn’t too late to register for the workshop for those who are interested in attending but have not applied.


At this workshop, we will be having a variety of CAD tools presenting their take on how SBOL is used in their tool. So far, these are the tools that will be demoed at the workshop.

Repositories: SynBioHub and JBEI ICE
Design Tools: Cello, iBioSim, SBOLDesigner, and RBS Calculator
Test Tools: BOOST and TASBE


Oxford, UK on Jun. 18th – 22nd

We are a month in before HARMONY begins. For those who are attending (remotely or in person), please help us fill out the SBOL attendance survey linked below.


Other SBOL Workshops:

Mark your calendar! Here are a couple of workshops and conferences that we are planning on attending for this year. More information to come!

IWBDA: Berkeley, CA on Jul. 31st – Aug. 3rd

COMBINE: Boston, MA on Oct. 8th – 12th

iGEM: Boston, MA on Oct 24th – 28th

Tramy Nguyen
Nic Roehner
Curtis Madsen
Angel Goñi Moreno
Zach Palchick