Many tools support either the SBOL data model or SBOL visual to represent synthetic biology designs.
Thanks to their SBOL encoding, these synthetic biology designs can be shared from tool to tool.
Below are videos demonstrating how some of the tools involved in the SBOL workflow described here can be used to compose the design of a genetic toggle switch.
These videos also give a high-level overview of these tools.

In Depth Tool Demo

iBioSim: A computer-aided design tool aimed for the modeling, analysis, and design of genetic circuits. SBOLDesigner: A sequence based computer-aided design tool for building genetic constructs. SBOL Validator: Easy-to-use software tool that allows for conversion between SBOL/GenBank/FASTA files using SBOL 2.0 data model. SynBioHub: A web frontend for the SBOL Stack, a parts repository that hosts the iGEM dataset in SBOL 2.0 format.