Pinecone is Serotiny’s web-based protein design software aimed at researchers doing R&D for therapeutics, materials, as well as those in basic research. Serotiny optimized Pinecone for designing protein constructs by focusing on functional protein domains as the basic unit of design.

Pinecone’s high-level approach allows plain language design, analysis and transmission of complex genetic construct sets. Researchers can design single proteins, or they can benefit from the economies of scale in designing combinatorial sets or mutation libraries. Pinecone then matches the design with CROs or DNA Synthesizers to produce and deliver the desired material, such as dsDNA, plasmid or purified protein.

Serotiny aims to democratize protein engineering with Pinecone - bringing nano-scale genetic-tools to disparate disciplines that aren’t necessarily experts in genetics or molecular cloning, while also freeing geneticists and protein engineers to focus on experimental approach and execution rather than on the tedious design and construction of their starting material.

Contact PersonJustin Farlow
Programming LanguageJavaScript
AvailabilityFree for all users