Synthetic Biology Open Language

Synthetic Biology Open Language

Welcome to the Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) community portal!

SBOL is a free and open-source standard for the representation of biological designs. The SBOL standard was developed by the synthetic biology community to create a standardized format for the electronic exchange of information on the structural and functional aspects of biological designs.

SBOL was designed for everyone in synthetic biology!

If you are new to SBOL and would like to learn more, checkout the SBOL section!

If you would like to use SBOL to create diagrams to visualize your biological designs, you can learn more from the SBOL Visual section.

If you are a developer, check out all the libraries created by the SBOL community!

If you would like to use SBOL without writing any code, you may be interested in the tools and applications developed by the SBOL community!

You can find the latest SBOL and SBOL visual specifications here. We’ve also included an exhaustive list of publications that either use SBOL or support SBOL.

SBOL is also used in the industry! If you are working in the industry and would like learn about how SBOL could support your applications you can join the SBOL Industrial Consortium!