The SBOL Developers community meets approximately every 6 months. The discussion at these workshops is often convivial, collegiate, and interesting. In May 2014 the SBOL Developers group elected to co-locate future SBOL workshops with similar workshops hosted by the “Computational Modeling in Biolog Network (COMBINE)". This creates an atmosphere where synthetic biologists and systems biologists can work toward a common goal of integrating biological knowledge through inter-operable and non-overlapping data standards. Our “COMBINE”d efforts empower exciting innovations like modeling whole cells.

We welcome participants from industry to these discussions, as the SBOL standard exists to support commercial as well as scientific innovation in synthetic biology and biotechnology.

SBOL Workshops and Conferences

Events Date (YYYY/DD/MM) Location Webpage
COMBINE 2020 2020/05/10 UConn Health, Connecticut, USA Link
HARMONY 2020 2020/9-13/03 EMBL-EBI, Cambridgeshire, UK Link
COMBINE 2019 & EU-STANDS4PM 2019/15-19/07 Studio Villa Bosch, Heidelberg, Germany Link
HARMONY 2019 2019/25-29/03 Caltech, Pasadena, California, USA Link
COMBINE 2018 2018/08-12/10 Boston University in Boston, MA, USA Link
HARMONY 2018 2018/18-22/06 Oxford University, UK Link
COMBINE 2017 2017/9-13/10 Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca in Milan, Italy Link
HARMONY 2017 2017/26-30/06 University of Washington in Seattle, WA, USA Link
COMBINE 2016 2016/19-24/09 Newcastle University in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Link
SBOL 14 2016/14-16/03 Raytheon BBN Technologies in Boston, MA, USA Link
COMBINE 2015 2015/12-16/10 University of Utah in Salt Lake City, UT, USA Link
HARMONY 2015 2015/20/03 Wittenberg, Germany, EU Link
COMBINE 2014 2014/18-22/08 University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA, USA Link
SBOL 10 2014//07-09/01 UC Berkeley, CA, USA Link
SBOL 9 2013/24-26/04 Newcastle University in Newcastle, UK Link
SBOL 8 2012/07-08/11 Boston University in Boston, MA, USA Link
SBOL 7 2012/05/06 Marriot Courtyard in San Francisco, CA, USA Link
SBOL 6 2012/05-06/01 Univeristy of Washington in Seattle, WA, USA Link
SBOL 5 2011/08/06 The Omni Hotel in San Diego, CA, USA Link
SBOL 4 2011/07/01 The Inn at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, USA Link
SBOL 3 2010/13/06 Hilton Anaheim in Anaheim, CA, USA Link
SBOL 2 2009/26/07 Stanford University in Stanford, CA, USA Link
SBOL 1 2008/27/04 University of Washington in WA, USA Link