The sbol-announce, sbol-users, sbol-dev, and sbol-visual are mailing lists open to all members of the SBOL community to post discussions and ask questions about SBOL. These mailing lists are moderated by the SBOL Editors. If the discussions and comments become inappropriate, the SBOL editors reserve the right to disallow future posting to be made by the community until further notice.

SBOL Editors
Contact the SBOL Editors if you would like to join the SBOL community or subscribe to the sbol-dev, sbol-visual, sbol-users, or sbol-announce mailing list. The SBOL Editors are also available to help answer any questions that the community may have.
SBOL Announce
sbol-announce is a mailing list created for the SBOL Editors inform the SBOL community about current news regarding SBOL, community member introduction, SEP voting, and editor elections. This mailing list is also a place where the SBOL community members can post their announcements that they would like to share amongst the community.
SBOL Users
sbol-users is a mailing list created for those who are using SBOL in their software tool and have questions about how they can incorporate features of the SBOL data model and/or sbol-visual glyphs within their tool.
SBOL Developers
sbol-dev is a mailing list created for those who want to implement the SBOL data model library. All discussions related to proposing a new feature to the SBOL data model and SBOL Enhancement Proposals (SEPs) are taken place in this mailing list.
SBOL Visual
sbol-visual is a mailing list created for those who want to discuss and propose glyphs to represent engineered biological organisms through diagrams.
SBOL Website Issues
For website issues, please report them to our SBOL website GitHub repository by submitting a GitHub issue.