SBOL 2.0 Examples

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Further SBOL 2.0 examples are located here. This comprehensive set of data files includes in addition to more SBOL 2.0 files, SBOL 1.1 files used to test conversion to SBOL 2.0, GenBank files used to test conversion to SBOL 2.0, and invalid SBOL 2.0 files used to test validation.

SBOL 1.1 Examples

M. Galdzicki, K. Clancy, E. Oberortner, M. Pocock, J. Quinn, C. Rodriguez, N. Roehner, M. L. Wilson, L. Adam, C. Anderson, B. Bartley, J. Beal, D. Chandran, J. Chen, D. Densmore, D. Endy, R. Grünberg, J. Hallinan, N.J. Hillson, J. D. Johnson, A. Kuchinsky, M. Lux, G. Misirli, J. Peccoud, H. Plahar, E. Sirin, G.B Stan, A. Villalobos, A. Wipat, J. Gennari, C. Myers, and H. Sauro. “The Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL) provides a community standard for communicating designs in synthetic biology,” Nature Biotechnology, vol. 32, pp. 545-550, Jun. 2014. doi:10.1038/nbt.2891