pySBOL: A Python Package for Genetic Design Automation and Standardization


This paper presents pySBOL, a software library for computer-aided design of synthetic biological systems in the Python scripting language. This library provides an easy-to-use, object-oriented, application programming interface (API) with low barrier of entry for synthetic biology application developers. The pySBOL library enables reuse of genetic parts and designs through standardized data exchange with biological parts repositories and software tools that communicate using the Synthetic Biology Open Language (SBOL). In addition, pySBOL supports data management of design-build-test-learn workflows for individual laboratories as well as large, distributed teams of synthetic biologists. PySBOL also lets users add custom data to SBOL files to support the specific data requirements of their research. This extensibility helps users integrate software tool chains and develop workflows for new applications. These features and others make the pySBOL library a valuable tool for supporting engineering practices in synthetic biology. Documentation and installation instructions can be found at

ACS Synthetic Biology