Standard for the Electronic Distribution of SBOLv Diagrams


A common method for publicly distributing design diagrams on the Web would enhance understanding of the mechanisms and intended function of synthetic DNA constructs. We aim to improve the usefulness of the depicted design to readers by establishing a systematic scheme for linking diagrams of synthetic biological mechanisms to reference information on the Registry of Standard Biological Parts [1]. Through the use of standard diagrams based on SBOL-visual (BBF RFC 16) symbols, we hope to facilitate communication about synthetic DNA constructs between research groups. This standard applies the use of the established SBOLv symbols on the Web to clearly represent synthetic constructs. Linking these diagrams using http URLs to reference information at the Registry provides a method to retrieve contextual reference information about components of DNA constructs. Use of standardized diagrams in engineering promotes fast and accurate communication between researchers, which in turn promotes effective re-use of biological parts.