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SBOL Visual 2.1 provides a simple and flexible language for diagrams of genetic systems and design, including both structure (e.g., nucleic acid sequence features) and function (e.g., regulatory interactions and reactions). SBOL Visual 2.1 enhances the prior SBOL Visual 2.0 standard with the addition of methods for showing modular structure and mappings between elements of a system, and new glyphs for indicating genomic context (e.g., integration into a plasmid or genome) and for stop codons. Additionally, interactions arrows were modified such that they can split or join, with the glyph at the split or join indicating either superposition or a chemical process.
A diagram language and collection of symbols that can be used to graphically depict a genetic design and its functional interactions. SBOL Visual 2.0 builds on the prior SBOL Visual 1.0 standard by expanding diagram syntax to include functional interactions and molecular species, making the relationship between diagrams and the SBOL data model explicit, supporting families of symbol variants, clarifying a number of requirements and best practices, and significantly expanding the collection of diagram glyphs.
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1.x.x Release

A set of symbols that can be used to graphically depict functional information encoded by nucleic acid sequences. Each symbol in the set has three components: a shape, a display name, and a definition.
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