Circuit Design


A tool for Genetic circuit design automation

Device Editor

Visual biocad canvas for specifying combinatorial DNA constructs for fabrication


A textual specification language for the rule-based design of synthetic biological systems, devices, parts, and DNA sequences.


Rule-based generation of constructs


A tool which allows a user to generate genetic logic circuits only by specifying the logical function desired to be achieved in a living cell.


A rule-based DNA design tool.


iBioSim has been developed for the modeling, analysis, and design of genetic circuits.


Automated derivation of genetic circuit designs from computational models.

Parts & Pools

A graphical, drag and drop design of synthetic gene circuit with Standard Biological Parts.

Proto BioCompiler

Proto BioCompiler generates optimized genetic regulatory network designs from specifications written in a high-level programming language, producing both SBOL specifications, visualization, and ODE models.