SBOL Visual Version 2.3.0

SBOL Visual 2.3 provides a simple and flexible language for diagrams of genetic systems and design, including both structure (e.g., nucleic acid sequence features) and function (e.g., regulatory interactions and reactions).

SBOL Visual 2.3 enhances the prior SBOL Visual 2.2 standard as follows:

  • Adds higher-level “interactions with interactions”, such as an inducer molecule stimulating a repression interaction
  • Binding with a nucleic acid backbone can be shown by overlapping glyphs, as with other molecular complexes
  • Recommends using polypeptide region glyph to show 2A sequences
  • Adds new “unspecified interaction” glyph for visualizing interactions whose nature is unknown
  • Deprecates “insulator” glyph in favor of new “inert DNA spacer” glyph