SBOL Visual Version 3.0.0

The major difference between SBOL Visual 3 and SBOL Visual 2 is that diagrams and glyphs are defined with respect to the SBOL 3 data model rather than the SBOL 2 data model.

A byproduct of this change is that the use of dashed undirected lines for subsystem mappings has been removed. Until a decision is made about how to represent constraints, the specification is mute on both constraints and dashed undirected lines, which means that it is acceptable to use them, if desired, as an annotation indicating identity.

In addition, collection of glyphs has been modified as follows:

  • The deprecated Insulator glyph and “shmoo” Macromolecule alternative glyph have been removed.
  • Deprecated BioPAX alternatives to SBO terms for molecular species glyphs have been removed.

The changes for this release were approved as SEP V024.